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This weekend I managed to get down to El Vellon (in the photo right), for the big match or should I say the CAMPEONATO DE ESPAÑA 2009 Carp fishing. It was great to walk around the lake close to Madrid and meet those fishing. The atmosphere on the bank was great with lot's of carp being caught all through the day. All in all the event went very well, certainly much better than last year, but still some way to go. It was nice to see that proper toilets had been arranged this year round, a sure sign that those involved are getting it together and tackling issues like sanitation on the bank.

The boys competing caught more than 2300kg of Carp in 3 days, with plenty of smiles and only one blank! Many fish caught something like 6 out of 8 were valid fish, by this I mean they were more than 5kg in weight. This was a great step forward too, I think that maybe the protection the lake has had in the last few years has helped fish survive and increasing weigh, great! Still another 30-40% of the fish caught would have been under the official minimum weight of 5kg, so it was a big haul match indeed. Finally it was the Madrid teams who won both first and second place. 1st place went to Luis Diaz and Daniel Sanchez who caught a staggering 258kg of fish. The other places 2nd, 3rd and 4th were all close actually between the Starbaits team and that of Christian Borjasson and Fran Grandados it could have gone anyway with a singular fish.. Finally here at the results and the top 10 qualifiers and weights:

1º Luis Diaz y Daniel Sanchez. Peg A35. Madrid. 40 Carp. 258,140 Kg.
2º Jose Antonio Matute y Sergio Vera. Peg A14. Madrid. 25 Carp. 153,060 Kg.
3º Angel y Roberto Rodriguez. Peg A21. Castilla la Mancha. 22 Carp. 137,670 Kg.
4º Crhistian Borjasson y Francisco Granados. Peg A5. Castilla la Mancha. 23 fish. 133, 140 Kg.
5º Jonathan Robles y Jordi Zayas. Peg A17. Cataluña. 17 Carp. 119,710 Kg.
6º Carlos Sasot y Xavier Martos. Peg A15. Aragón. 20 Carp. 118,800 Kg.
7º Pablo Dominguez y Rafa Ruiz (Pablo y Chinche). Peg A3. Madrid. 17 Fish. 116,600 Kg.
8º Pedro Lopez y Juan Jose Garcia (Kzale y Miraflores). Peg A2. Madrid. 18 Carp. 114,475 kg.
9º Felipe Carrasco y Carlos Pajuelo. Peg A4. Extremadura. 17 Carp. 98,750 Kg.
10º David Flores y Ismael Gonzalez. Peg A31. Madrid. 16 Carp. 93,550 Kg.

The premio for the biggest Carp went to Rafa y Pablo, In 7th position. with a carp of 10,100 Kg.

In total those fishing caught a staggering 2.312,065 Kg of CARP!

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